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Annual McMaster University Brain Bee

Sponsored by the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

She won again!!
Kim Cai won 2nd Place in the
2006 International Brain Bee in Baltimore, Maryland!
Congratulations Kim, we are so proud of you!

The 2006 Third Annual McMaster Brain Bee IS OVER!
And WOW, was it exciting!

First Place Winner!
The official McMaster Brain Bee "Best Brain"!

Kim Cai
Centennial CVI (Guelph)

We sent Kim to compete in the International Brain Bee in Baltimore in March, and she won 2nd place!
Congratulations Kim!

Click here for more photos of the day, taken by our official photographer Joanna Zygmunt.
And here for the report in the McMaster University Daily News.
And here for the news report from the University of Maryland.

Congratulations to all our winners!
From left to right in the photo:

Kim Cai - 1st Place
Sabrina Nurmohamed - 2nd Place
Carol Cui - 3rd Place

This was the largest and most exciting Brain Bee so far!

We had 22 competitors:

Adam Rabalski, Centennial CVI, Guelph
Anuka Praveen Jayatunge, St. Mary Catholic Secondary School
Carol Cui, U Toronto Schools, Toronto
Christina Nowak, St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Secondary School
Dominika Pudlak, Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School
Dustin Farkas, Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School
Giselle Boukhaled, Thomas A Blakelock High School
Gregory Cousins, Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School
Jeremy Gretton, Thomas A Blakelock High School
Jonathan Gregory, U Toronto Schools, Toronto
Joseph Mathew, St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School
Khyati Kadia, Notre Dame College School, Welland
Kim Cai, Centennial CVI, Guelph
Mathew Abraham, Lakeshore Catholic High School
My Trang Tran, Notre Dame College School, Welland
Philip Zabel, St. Mary Catholic Secondary High School
Sabrina Nurmohamed, U Toronto Schools, Toronto
Salomeh Ahmadi, Bishop Allen Academy, Etobicoke
Shazli Shethwala, Centennial CVI Guelph
Xue Liang, Centennial CVI, Guelph
Yang Lei, Westdale Secondary School
Zaineb Al-Haddawi, Centennial CVI, Guelph

Dr. Judy Shedden and Associate Dean of Science Dr. Dick Day welcome the contestants to the Brain Bee.

There were 3 challenging "written answer" rounds consisting of 45 questions. Students had 30 seconds to write the correct answer.

Answers were carefully graded by our panel of judges.

The 5 top students were selected for the final elimination rounds, which required oral answers following the traditional "bee" rules. Students had only 15 seconds to produce the correct answer.
The skill was awesome and the competition was fierce!
The students were so good that we literally ran out of prepared questions.

Our top 5 Brain Bee competitors, from left to right:
Shazli Shethwale
Kim Cai
Sabrina Nurmohamed
Jonathan Gregory
Carol Cui

After the break, the audience enjoyed 5 great talks:

Dr. Ron Racine
Chair of the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

Dr. Dan Goldreich
Faculty, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

Jessica Philip-Silver Graduate student, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

Aaron Hackett
Undergraduate student at McMaster
and 3rd place Brain Bee winner 2005

Sanket Ullal
High School Student
and 1st place Brain Bee winner 2005

This year's Brain Bee was a huge success because of the hardworking staff members and volunteers
(people listed in their primary roles, but many performed multiple tasks:

Staff, as always provide exemplary service:
Ann Hollingshead and Milica Pavlica (perfection as always)
Gary Weatherill (always there when you need him)
Stacey Smith (always there when you need her)
Miroslav Cika, Jan Lewandowski (provided the "seats of judgement")

Students (in no particular order):
Darren Parker (question prep, question reader, and primary organizing guy)
Jenny Campos (judge, certificate printing, many other tasks)
Jennifer Heisz (judge, purchasing supplies)
George Chan (digital clock timekeeper)
Pete Stewart (question prep, tech support)
Ferrinne Spector (question prep, question reader, meet and greet, written answer coordination)
Meredith Young (question prep, written answer coordination)
Chao He (question prep, scorekeeper delivery guy)
Sam Hannah (question prep, scorekeeper)
Nisha Gupta (scorekeeper)
Rob Berger (question reader)
Joanna Zygmunt (Fall envelope stuffing, official photographer)
Aaron Hackett (meet and greet, autobiographical talk, written answer coordination)
Sanket Ullal (autobiographical talk, written answer coordination)
Philip Gander (written answer coordination, all round chat-em-up guy)
Jessica Phillips-Silver (autobiographical talk)
Michelle Linde (Fall envelope stuffing)
Len Verhey (Fall envelope stuffing)
Stan Govenlock, Phil Gander (will help prepare Kim for the International Brain Bee)

Gautam Ullal (judge)
Dick Day (intro pep talk)
Dan Goldreich (autobiographical talk)
Ron Racine (autobiographical talk, awards ceremony)
Judy Shedden (that's me, the brain bee organizer and the one who has the most fun)

It's not too soon to start studying for the 2007 4th Annual McMaster Brain Bee.
Questions will come from the official Brain Facts book.

Would you like to learn more about the Brain Bee?

contact Dr. Judith M Shedden at McMaster University by phone or email:
905-525-9140 x24345