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LOVE Speakers from 1970 to 1979

Inaugural LOVE:  1970
You never forget your first LOVE
Ralph N Haber (Rochester): Conference Organizers

M. Ph. Bryden Processing Dichotically Presented Material
Michael Corballis The Problem Of Mirror Images
Peter K. Kaiser The Distinctness of a Heterochromatic Border and its Relation to 'Abney's Law', Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, and Chromatic Contrast
G. R. Engel Correlation Functions Applied to Human Visual Pattern Processing
Lee Brooks Shared Capacity in Visual Processing
Ralph N. Haber How Can we Remember What we See

2nd Annual LOVE:  1971
??: Conference Organizers

information missing...
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3rd Annual LOVE:  1972
Peter K Kaiser: Conference Organizer

A. O. Dick A Look at The Conceptual Neurophysiology of Form Perception
U. Neisser Taking Cognitive Psychology Seriously
S. L. Guth Neural Inhibition, Contrast Effects, and Visual Sensitivity
D. Teller On Spatial Sensitization, Single Neurons, and the Concept of Causality
P. Hallett Physiological Processing of Dim Images
M. Mathews A Surfeit of Single Cells, or How Too Much Lateral Inhibition Includes Spreading Depression
S. Anstis Intensity vs. Adaptation and the Pulfrich Stereophenomenon

4th Annual LOVE:  1973
Albert S. Bergman (McGill) : Conference Organizers

D. J. K. Mewhort Scanning and the Organization of Report in Tachistoscopic Recognition
C. Douglas Creelman Comprehensive Listening: The Range of Auditory Attention
Fergus I.M. Craik Evidence for a 'Levels of Processing' View of Memory
Daniel Berlyne (with J. C. Ogilvie) Dimensions of Esthetic Perception
Alfred B. Kristofferson Psychological Timing Mechanisms

5th Annual LOVE:  1974
Philip M. Merikle (Chair), Albert S. Bergman, Joseph F. Sturr: Conference Organizers

James J. Gibson Evidence for a Theory of Direct Visual Perception
Paul A. Kolers Plasticity of Shape Perception
William Baron The Primate Cone Photoreceptors: A Limiting Element in the Human Observer's Sensitivity to Flickering Stimuli
Irving Biederman A Glance at a Scene
Eleanor J. Gibson Reflections on the Nature of the Reading Process

6th Annual LOVE:  1975
possibly Joseph F. Sturr (Chair), Gus Craik, Philip M. Merikle: Conference Organizers

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7th Annual LOVE:  1976
possibly Gus Craik (Chair), Joseph F. Sturr: Conference Organizers

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8th Annual LOVE:  1977
possibly Ralph N Haber: Conference Organizers

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9th Annual LOVE:  1978
Naomi Weisstein (SUNY at Buffalo) and Ulric Neisser (Cornell) : Conference Organizers

Open Discussion Context Effects in Perception
Susan Lederman Tactile Texture Perception
David Olsen Some Relations Between Oral and Written Language
Alan Gilchrist Lightness Perception Without Contrast: Why Black Rooms Look Black
Lyn Cooper Comparison Processes in Visual Memory

10th Annual LOVE:  1979
M. Martin Taylor (DRML) and Marilyn Smith (Toronto Scarborough) : Conference Organizers

Ken Bowers Listening, Hearing, and Hypnotic Mind Twaining
Maureen Dennis Acquiring Semantic and Discourse Competence With One Hemisphere
Barrie Frost Contextual Influences on the Specificity of Visual Neurons
Ian Howard Distinguishing, Identifying, and Describing the Orientation of Objects
Whitman Richards Natural Computation: A new Approach to Understanding Vision
Richard Shiffrin An Associative-Search Theory of Long-Term Retrieval: Applications to Visual and Verbal Recall

LOVE Speakers from 1980 to 1989

11th Annual LOVE:  1980
Dedicated to the Memory of James J. Gibson
Susan Lederman (Queens) and Betty Ann Levy (McMaster) : Conference Organizers

Morris Moscovitch Information Processing and the Cerebral Hemispheres
Francine Frome An Explanation of Auditory-Semantic Space
Frank Keil Constraints on Semantic and Conceptual Development
Ben Murdock On Recognition Memory
George McConkie Perception During a Fixation in Reading
Max Cynader Postnatal Development of Kitten Visual System

12th Annual LOVE:  1981
Doug Lowe (Trent) and Vince Di Lollo (Alberta) : Conference Organizers

Cam Searle An Auditory View of Speech Perception
Peter Dodwell Geometry of the Visual Field
Ed Brussell The Sensory Processing of Brightness Information
Larry Jacoby On the Relationship Between Autobiographical Memory and Perceptual Learning
Rod Barron Visual and Phonological Information in Reading and Spelling
Don Mitchell Development Studies of Amblyopia and its Treatment

13th Annual LOVE:  1982
Barry Frost (Queen's) : Conference Organizer

Jim Pomerantz Local and Global Effects in Form and Motion Perception
Gordon Winocur Memory Following Hippocampal and Thalamic Lesions in man and Other Mammals
James C. Johnston Quicker Than a Flash: The Word Perception Process as Revealed by Tachistoscopic Masking Experiments From Perception
Olga Eizner-Favreau On Charting the Channels of Vision
Melvyn A. Goodale Vision as a Sensorymotor System
Michael Turvey The Role of Vision in Locomotion

14th Annual LOVE:  1983
Sid Segalowitz (Brock) and Lynn Cooper (Cornell): Conference Organizers

Charles W. White Retinotopic and Spatiotopic: New 'Topics' in Visual Perception
David M. Regan Visual Processing of Motion in Depth
James R. Sawusch Integral and Wholistic Processes in Speech Perception
M. Martin Taylor (DRML) Reading With Both Sides of the Brain
Arlene S. Walker The Development of Perception of Invariance
James E. Cutting On the Underdetermination of Perception by Invariance

15th Annual LOVE:  1984
Colin MacLeod (Toronto) and John Mitterer (Brock) : Conference Organizers

Daphne Maurer The Effects of Deprivation on Human's Visual Development: Studies of Children Treated for Cataracts
Geoffery Hinton Cooperative Computation in Networks of Stochastic Computing Elements
John Benjafield Some Psychological Aspects of the Golden Section
Derek Besner Issues in Visual Word Recognition
Walt Makous Fusion and Binocular Rivalry: Same or Different Process
Henry L. Roediger III Retrieval Inhibition in Recall and Recognition

16th Annual LOVE:  1985
Jim Sawusch and Peter Jusczyk: Conference Organizers

Howard C. Nusbaum Structural Constraints on Auditory Word Perception
Gary S. Dell When Words Collide: A Connectionist Approach to Language Production and Speech Errors
David R. Olson and Janet W. Astington Children's Mental States: The Relations Between Seeing. Thinking, and Knowing
Lewis W. Brandt What is Experimental Psychology Based on
Deborah Walters Line end Connections as Features in Line Drawings: Psychophysical experiments and Computer Vision Implementation
John S. Yeomans Brain Reward Systems: Overview for Lovers

17th Annual LOVE:  1986
Dedicated to the Memory of Paul A. Kolers
Jim Pomerantz and Gary Dell: Conference Organizers

Carol L. Krumhansl Perceptual Structures for Music
Irving Biederman Recognition-by-Components: A Theory of Human Image Understanding
John Jonides Planning Saccadic eye Movements
Pierre Jolicoeur Pattern Recognition: Implications From Studies Using Distorted Patterns
Norman Slamecka Where are the Determinants of Normal Forgetting?
Michael K. Tanenhaus Word Recognition. Lexical Codes, and Language Comprehension

18th Annual LOVE:  1987
Lee Brooks (McMaster) and Erwin Segal (SUNY at Buffalo) : Conference Organizers

Susan Lederman The Intelligent Hand
Marcia K. Johnson The Origin of Memories
James L. McClelland A  Parallel-Distributed Processing Account of Reading Single Words
Bruce W. A. Whittlesea On the Perceptual Superiority of Words (and Pseudowords, and Letters, and phrases): Enduring Effects of Particular Experiences
Bruce Dow Neurophysiological Basis of Color Categories
Ronald A. Finke Momentum in the Mind

19th Annual LOVE:  1988
Lee Brooks (McMaster) and Pierre Jolicoeur (Waterloo) : Conference Organizers
This LOVE was held at Pruhommes Landing, Vineland Station, Ontario

Betty Ann Levy Developing Fluency: Processing Changes Across Reading Encounters
Margaret Livingstone Segregation of Form, Color, Movement, and Depth Processing in the Visual System: Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, and Art
Douglas Medin Relationships Between Similarity-Based and Explanation-Based Categorization
Richard Aislin Retinal Development: Implications for Space Perception and Motor Control in Human Infants
Whitman Richards Encoding Shape by Curvature
William Prinzmetal A Functional Theory of Illusory Conjunctions and Neon Colara

20th Annual LOVE:  1989
Lee Brooks (McMaster) and Pierre Jolicoeur (Waterloo) : Conference Organizers

Ulric Neisser Direct Perception and Recognition as Distinct Perceptual Systems
Melvyn A. Goodale Seeing the World and Grasping it: Is There a Difference?
Steven Tipper Mechanisms of Visual Selective Attention
Edward E. Smith Category-Based Induction
Jamie Campbell Inhibitory and Excitatory Components of Error Priming in Mental Arithmetic
Gordon Logan An Instance Theory of Automaticity

LOVE Speakers from 1990 to 1999

No LOVE this year.

21st Annual LOVE:  1991
Patrick Brown (Western Ontario) : Conference Organizer

Gary S. Dell Linguistic Structure in Connectionist Models: The Effect of Phonological Frames on Speech Errors
Ian M. Begg Dissociation of Processes in Reasoning: Logic vs. Intuition
David Meyer Beyond Cognition: The Joy of Motor Control and how I Learned to L.O.V.E. Fitt's Law
James Todd The Visual Perception of Globally Coherent Motion
Keith Humphrey The McCullough Effect: What, Why, and Where?
James H. Neely A Three-Process Theory of Semantic Context Effects on Visual Word Recognition

22nd Annual LOVE:  1992
Patrick Brown (Western Ontario): Conference Organizers

Zenon Pylyshyn (UWO)

Place Indexing in Early and Intermediate Vision (introduced by Anne Treisman, UC Berkeley)
Anne Treisman (UC Berkeley) Perceiving and Reperceiving Objects (introduced by Zenon Pylyshyn, UWO)
Ken Paap (New Mexico State) Dual Route Models of Print to Sound: Red Herrings and Real Horses (introduced by Chris Herman, Carleton)
Elizabeth Spelke (Cornell) Object Perception and Physical Reasoning in Infants (introduced by Peter Jusczyk, SUNY Buffalo)
Christine Chiarello (Syracuse) Understanding Words and Their Meanings: There's two sides to every story (introduced by Curt Burgess, Syracuse)
James T. Enns (UBC) How much does early vision know? (introduced by Steven Tipper, McMaster)

No LOVE this year.

23rd Annual LOVE:  1994
Patrick Brown (Western Ontario) And Pierre Jolicoeur (Waterloo) : Conference Organizers

Phil Merikle & Steve Joordens

Measuring Unconscious Influences: Alternatives to Task Dissociations
Michael Tarr Conditions for Viewpoint-Dependence and Viewpoint-Invariance in Human Object Recognition
Vincent Di Lollo Fast Phosphors and Slow Eyes: How Come TV Pictures Look Whole and Sharp?
Veronica Dark Selectivity Via Semantic Priming: Attention as a Cause or an Effect?
Pat Bennett Structural Constraints on the Analysis of Complex Visual Patterns
Michael Masson Beyond Conjecture: Contextual Influences on the Perception of Words and Objects

24th Annual LOVE:  1995
Ken McRae (Western Ontario) : Conference Organizer

Margaret M. Shiffrar The Interpretation of Object Motion
Mark S. Seidenberg Rules, Connections, and Language: A Synthesis
Dana Ballard Computational Hierarchies for Natural Behaviors
Lee Brooks Perceptual Resemblance and Effort After Commonality in Category Formation
Daniel Kersten Shedding Light on the Objects of Perception
Michael K. Tanenhaus Using Eye-Movements to Study Spoken Language Comprehension in Visual Contexts

25th Annual LOVE:  1996
Patrick Bennett and Allison Sekuler (Toronto) : Conference Organizers

Randy McIntosh Cross-Modal Interactions in the Human Brain During Learned Expectancy
Gail Musen Capacity Limits on Implicit Memory
Lynn Hasher Aging and Inhibitory Control of Memory
Steve Yantis On the Representational Basis for Visual Selection: What is the Stimulus That Attention Selects?
Brad Motter Color Selective Processes in Visual Attention and Search
John K. Tsotsos Modeling Visual Attention via Selective Tuning

26th Annual LOVE:  1997
Steve Joordens (Toronto) and Bruce Milliken (McMaster) : Conference Organizers

Marlene Behrmann Psychological and Neural Bases Underlying Spatial Representation
David Plaut The Emergence of Structure in the Lexical Semantic System: A connectonist account of impairments in object and word naming
Gordon Logan Toward a theory of attention and memory
Larry Jacoby Accessibility bias: Measuring unconscious (automatic) influences of memory
Bruce Whittlesea Why do strangers feel familiar when friends don't?
Donald Stuss The functional specificity of the frontal lobes

27th Annual LOVE:  1998
Michael Spivey-Knowlton (Cornell) : Conference Organizer

Ulric Neisser Enabling Conditions for False Memories
Ken McRae Testing an Attractor Network Model of Lexical Conceptual Memory
Suzanna Becker Implicit and Explicit Learning: What Computational Models can Tell us
Barbara Finlay The Brain Explained: Three Times Over
Melvyn Goodale The Visual Brain in Action
Elizabeth Bates Why Language is NOT a Mental Organ

28th Annual LOVE:  1999
Ken McRae (Western Ontario) : Conference Organizer

Ken Nakayama New Methods to Isolate Holistic Face Processing and Their Applications
Michael Spivey Probabilistic Representations in Real-time Language Comprehension
Gregory Murphy Knowledge in Concept Acquisition
Allison Sekuler The Perception of Partly Occluded Objects
David Field Unique Worlds and Specialized Visual Systems:  On Relating the Senses to Their Evolutionary Environments
Jeff Elman To Generalize or not to Generalize

LOVE Speakers from 2000 to 2009

29th Annual LOVE:  2000
Philip Servos and Liddy Olds (Wilfred Laurier) : Conference Organizers

Ronald Rensink The dynamic representation of scenes
Shimon Edelman (Coarse coding of shape fragments) + (Retinotopy) = Representation of structure
Robert Jacobs Visual cue integration for depth perception
David Sherry The natural history of memory: Behaviour, ecology, and the brain of food-storing birds
Kevin Munhall Visible speech: Perceiving phonetic information from facial motion
Elissa Newport Innately constrained learning: The place of statistical learning in the acquisition of language

30th Annual LOVE:  2001   (see Web Page)
Judith M Shedden (McMaster) : Conference Organizer

Lawrence W. Barsalou The human conceptual system: LOVE should be embodied, dynamic, and situated -- not detached, static, and abstract
Tom Carr LOVE conquers all - but not the Stroop Effect: Obligatory processing, capacity limits, and the role of spatial attention in word recognition
Michael Corballis The magic of the hemispheres
Pierre Jolicoeur On doing two things at the same time: Capacity limitations in dual-task paradigms
John Vokey LOVE* in pictures. *Latent, orthogonal visual elements
Laurie Wilcox Determinants of 3D surface interpolation

31st Annual LOVE:  2002   (see Web Page)
Steve Joordens (Toronto) : Conference Organizer

Derek Besner Computational Modeling of Visual Word Recognition: New Results Forcing Change in Our Thinking about how Multiple Effects Arise
Mike Dixon Coloured Cognition: Perceptual, Conceptual and Mnemonic Aspects of Alphanumeric Synaesthesia
Lynn Hasher Inhibitory Control over the Contents of Working Memory: Individual and Group Differences
Jim Neely Flexing And Extending A Body-"building" Approach To Semantic Priming: Pumping Up The Prime With Repetition Priming
Tram Neill Masking By Object Substitution
David Shore Confusing the Mind by Crossing the Hands: The Psychophysics, Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging of Tactile Remapping

32st Annual LOVE:  2003   (see Web Page)
Steve Joordens (Toronto) : Conference Organizer

Robert Greene Familiarity and decision processes in recognition memory
Gus Craik Memory and Aging: The Inside Story
Vince Di Lollo Two-way pathways in the brain: What are they for?
Pat Bennett What changes with perceptual learning?
Shepard Siegel The Ghost in the Addict: Drug Anticipation and Drug Addiction
Colin MacLeod In Opposition to Inhibition

33rd Annual LOVE:  2004   (see Web Page)
Steve Joordens (Toronto) : Conference Organizer

There was a break with tradition this year.
See the web page link for all the speakers.

34th Annual LOVE:  2005   (see Web Page)
Ken McRae (Western Ontario) and Michael Spivey (Cornell) : Conference Organizers

Marc Joanisse Past tense verbs in English: A microcosm of a psycholinguistic theory
Dr. Love (Brad) Category Learning by Clustering
Lorraine Allan Detecting Contingencies is like Detecting Signals: Contingency Judgment ROCs
Michael Turvey Theory of Brain and Behavior in the 21st Century: No Ghost, No Machine
Gunther Knoblich The social nature of perception and action: From mimicry to cooperation
Laurel Trainor Musical Origins: Early Abilities and Effects of Experience

35th Annual LOVE:  2006   (see Web Page)
Ken McRae (Western Ontario), Michael Spivey (Cornell), and Marc Joanisse (Western Ontario) : Conference Organizers

Jim Magnuson Similarity of spoken words: From signal to semantics
Vic Ferreira Ambiguity, accessibility, and the ingredients of communicative success
Morris Moscovitch The psychology and cognitive neuroscience of remote autobiographical, semantic and spatial memory
Bruce Milliken Measuring attention: Challenges of past and present
Jody Culham Interactions in action: Relationships between systems and brain regions in grasping, reaching, and feeding behaviours
Richard Aslin Statistical learning in infants: How many t-tests can the brain compute?

36th Annual LOVE:  2007   (see Web Page)
John Paul Minda (Western Ontario), George Scott Cree (), and Craig Chambers (U Toronto) : Conference Organizers

Paul Luce Learning about spoken words
Ann Senghas The emergence of structure in Nicaraguan sign language: Carving up space and time
Brian Ross Categories and cognition: Learning to use and using to learn
E. Glenn Schellenbert Does music make you smarter?
Dan Smilek Does synaesthesia influence visual attention?
David Sheinberg Dynamic processing of visual form in primate temporal cortex

37th Annual LOVE:  2008   (see Web Page)
Daniel Smilek (Waterloo), and Michael Chan-Reynolds (Trent) : Conference Organizers

Jonathan Fugelsang Constructing causality: How personal theories modulate perceptual and inferential processes in causal thinking
Alan Kingstone Looking for love in all the wrong places: The need for a new approach
Monica Castelhano Representing natural, real-world scenes: Exploring scene gist and its effect on eye movements
Lee Brooks Redeeming the good name of similarity: Caution and the uses of similarity
Jonathan Schooler The restless mind
Daniel Ansari Neurocognitive trajectories of typical and atypical number development

38th Annual LOVE:  2009   (see Web Page)
Jonathan Fugelsang (University of Waterloo), and Daniel Ansari (University of Western Ontario) : Conference Organizers

Jessica Cantlon The oldest numbers in the world
Myra Fernandes Reactivating the contents of memory
Kent Kiehl The criminal psychopath magnetized: Brain imaging reveals paralimbic abnormalities
Randy McIntosh Rethinking the definition of signal and noise in the brain
J Bruce Morton The role of active memory in developing cognitive control networks
Allan Paivio Memory: The engine of cognitive evolution

LOVE Speakers from 2010 to 2019

39th Annual LOVE:  2010   (see Web Page)
Jonathan Fugelsang (University of Waterloo), and Daniel Ansari (University of Western Ontario) : Conference Organizers

Bertram Gawronski Contextualization versus generalization in spontaneous evaluation: A representational account of renewal effects and occasion setting in evaluative learning
Craig Hawryshyn The Visual World of Lake Malawi Cichlid Fishes
Roxane Itier Spatiotemporal dynamics of the eye processing neural network
Daniel Levitin On the psychophysics of musical expressivity
Brad Mahon The role of action in shaping the organization of artifact concepts

40th Annual LOVE:  2011   (see Web Page)
Jonathan Fugelsang (University of Waterloo), and Daniel Ansari (University of Western Ontario) : Conference Organizers

Ori Friedman Reasoning about ownership of property in preschoolers' and adults
Mel Goodale How We See Stuff: Behavioural and fMRI Studies of the Perception of Material
Ingrid Johnsrude Intelligibility of degraded speech and speech in noise: brain substrates and cognitive facilitation
Adrian Owen What's on your mind?: How to communicate your thoughts with fMRI
Alex Martin Neural circuits of the social mind: in action and at rest - in sickness and in health
Markus Ullsperger To err is human. Multimodal investigations of performance monitoring

41st Annual LOVE:  2012   (see Web Page)
Morgan Barense (University of Toronto), Jessica Grahn (University of Western Ontario), and Ingrid Johnsrude (Queen's University) : Conference Organizers

Adam Anderson ...
Stefan Köhler ...
Nora Newcombe ...
Nick Rule ...
Michael Schutz ...
Jessica Witt ...

42nd Annual LOVE:  2013   (see Web Page)
Morgan Barense (University of Toronto), Jessica Grahn (University of Western Ontario), and Ingrid Johnsrude (Queen's University) : Conference Organizers

Morgan Barense ...
Wil Cunningham ...
Elizabeth Hampson ...
Isabelle Peretz ...
Peter Pfordresher ...
Rajeev Raizada ...