Research Opportunities

We often have openings for new members of our team. If you are interested in joining as a graduate student, undergraduate student, or postdoctoral researcher, please see more detailed notes below.

Graduate Students:

Course background:  We look for students with an appropriate background in the sciences, including biology, psychology and statistics.  A course background in neuroscience is strongly recommended.  Computer programming skills are highly valued.

High undergraduate GPA: Graduate students in our department are required to apply for external funding from federal and provincial sources each year. Funding typically goes to students with high GPA’s. Consequently, preference is given to students who have a good chance of obtaining external funding. Cumulative GPA’s in the A range or higher are recommended.

Canadian citizenship or residency: Each year there are a limited number of foreign student spots available within the department. In addition, non-Canadian students require a much greater financial investment on the part of supervisors than do Canadian students.  Presently, there are no lab funds to support the additional cost associated with the supervision of a foreign student.

To apply: Send email to Dr. Shedden with your CV, transcript (unofficial is fine), and a statement of your research interests. Please also describe what most interests you about the research in the lab, and what knowledge and skills you can bring to a research project in that area. Details about formal application to graduate studies in our department can be found on the Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour graduate studies website.

Undergraduate Students:

We regularly have openings for PNB 4D09 thesis students, PNB 2QQ3, 3QQ3, and 4QQ3 research study students, and HTH SCI 3H03 students. Volunteer work is also available. A high cumulative average is an advantage for successful applicants; research can be time consuming and relatively demanding compared to other courses. We are looking for self-motivated, detail-oriented students who work well as a member of a team, and who seek out constructive criticism. Undergraduate students most often work closely with graduate students, postdocs, and other undergrads.

To apply: Email Dr. Shedden with “thesis request” or “independent study request” as the subject line of your email.  In your email, describe what most interests you about the research in the lab. Include your transcript (unofficial) and a description of your academic background.

Postdoctoral Researchers:

We welcome postdoctoral applicants. At present, successful candidates will bring their own funding as we do not have funding for postdoctoral fellows. We especially welcome interest in our motion simulator laboratory.

To apply: Please send email to Dr. Shedden.